2014 AGO 1928 E.R. Wood Gallery

Description de la structure sur la gauche, la pièce la plus impressionnante de l’exposition, tirée du catalogue.

These large carvings in grotesque style were corner postes inside semi-communal houses, among the Kwakiutl and the Bella-Coola tribes of the Northwest Coast. On the top of the smaller ones rested the large round beams supporting the slender roof poles. The larger pole with arms outstretched also stood on the house, at the rear. There represented mythic ancestors, such as the superntural human-like Raven, or the Grizlly Bear; or again, monsters of the unseen world, one of the best known of which was Komokoa, a mighty spirit of the oecean, ruler of the whale and seals, who once carried under the sea the owner of the pole and gave him his name and powers.

See the catalog record to obtain the full copy

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