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Totem Pole Keepers of Ancestral Spirits

As a companion to the short NHK video hosted by the UNESCO, as you you will discover below, the above photograph provides an outstanding view of Ninstint’s Coast, at the end of the nineteenth century.

This Royal BC Museum Archives looks back in time, as a comparison point with the current state of the heritage preservation efforts, which becomes a best practice and a challenge to preserve our past and our culture.

This  short statement provides an historical context before watching the linked vide below. If it becomes available, we will try to provide a better quality copy, closer to the intent of its creator view

« The village of Ninstints (Nans Dins) is located on a small island off the west coast of the Queen Charlotte Islands (Haida Gwaii). Remains of houses, together with carved mortuary and memorial poles, illustrate the Haida people’s art and way of life. The site commemorates the living culture of the Haida people and their relationship to the land and sea, and offers a visual key to their oral traditions ».

UNESCO Video Source  : Totem Pole Keepers of Ancestral Spirits: SGang Gwaay

Header illustration source : 1898 Queen Charlotte Islands Ninstints RBC G-03254